Energy efficiency measures in industry

December 29th, 2016|

Industry is one of the sectors where most stress is put on the application of energy efficiency measures, which becomes necessary so that the final product be more competitive on the market, since the lower energy cost, the higher economic results are.

Cement industry, together with iron, steel and metalworking, are those presenting the highest consumption, […]

Automatic doors in monuments

December 28th, 2016|

There are progressively more places where automatic doors can be found. As a matter of fact, the advantages they present are several, especially in those establishments, buildings or monuments with an elevated people flow.

Old monuments arouse great interest on the part of all those people hungry for knowledge and history, which is why they get […]

Sustainable architecture

December 22nd, 2016|

Sustainable architecture, eco-architecture or green architecture is the new way of understanding traditional architecture; in this variety of architecture, the available resources tend to be optimised and the impact on the construction and the processes derived from it are minimised, aiming to harm the environment as low as possible.

In order to achieve this fashionable architectural […]

Efficient and sustainable industries

December 20th, 2016|

In the world of industry, besides doing one’s best to make profitability out of processes derived from its activity, it is a more and more common practice to make it under the premise of sustainability, since from the development of this activity, a huge amount of pollution residues is generated.

Industries are implementing a variety of […]

Enhancing user experience through counting systems

December 15th, 2016|

Being aware of the amount of people who visit a particular business is a piece of information of great value, particularly when the business in question is a store and its main objective is to increase sales. If the rate between the number of clients and sales is positive (conversion rate), the business could be […]

About sustainability in hospitals

December 8th, 2016|

Hospitals are centres characterised by having an increasing demand of resources over the years, either due to the high volume of people stopping by on a daily basis, or to the growth of machinery and technology used to carry out their activity, so laying emphasis on a better use of such resources needs to be […]

The value of cities in environmental protection

December 6th, 2016|

Cities are not a static and immovable thing, but rather living entities that move forward in tandem with mankind. According to estimations by the United Nations, two out of three persons will live in major cities by the year 2050, and that involves higher consumption and resource expenses; therefore, cities see themselves forced to be […]

The shopping centres of the future

December 1st, 2016|

The main characteristic of shopping centres is being leisure-time places, as well as a meeting point for friends and relatives thanks to the vast range of services they offer to their audience, fulfilling in turn the perfect balance between leisure and business.

Due to the current progresses in terms of technology and innovation, shopping centres will […]

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