Clean rooms are places where processes or works in need of very specific environmental conditions are carried out. In them, microbial contamination, as well as external and cross contamination must be avoided. Besides, certain levels of temperature, humidity and pressure must be kept stable so that product processing is fulfilled in a safe way. Laboratories, hospitals, electronics companies, food manufacturing or cosmetics companies… many are the sectors that make use of these spaces with a view to guarantee safety in the processes, people safety as well as that of the product.

To that end, design in clean rooms must be optimised taking into account the materials that are employed, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems, and closing systems in order not to generate dust particles and to maintain microbiological levels within certain limits. Regarding this last aspect, choosing automatic doors for clean rooms is a key factor for ensuring safety.

Automatic doors for clean rooms must satisfy the following conditions:

  • Preserving temperature control of the area and reducing air leaks. Air tightness must be guaranteed.
  • Avoiding the accumulation of impurities.
  • Designing with a view to save space.
  • Opening and closing speed, in order to achieve energy conservation and avoid external contamination as well.
  • Ease of passage. Besides relying on a specific opening and closing speed, automatic doors for clean rooms must have functional opening and closing systems, which enable the movement of people in a quick manner. Sensors, photocells or push buttons are instruments that make access easier, without interfering with the working processes.
  • Maintaining pressure levels.
  • Easy to clean, so that hygiene can be maintained at all times.
  • Automatic doors in a clean room must guarantee safety with regard to all processes. And in case of impact, having an anti-smashing function at disposal.

A evolução das portas automáticas

Models of Manusa automatic doors for clean rooms

In Manusa, we have a variety of models of automatic doors for clean rooms. All of them count on Manusa’s quality guarantee and experience, regarding the materials employed as well as the way they function, and they are manufactured under the premise of functionality, design and safety. Besides, in Manusa we give the possibility of adapting automatic doors to any requirement, by customising measures, finishing touches or colours.

  • High-speed roll-up door for clean rooms. They are industrial automatic doors designed to offer a high level of tightness and optimised with a view to maximise the hygiene that is required in specific environments. It is equipped with photocells and presence sensors in the area of passage, in order to guarantee safety and prevent their closing facing any obstacle, as well as in the roll up axle, which reverses the manoeuvre in case of impact on the door. Since there are no rigid elements, it is one of the safest doors on the market. It can be customised by choosing the colour of fabric, adding a silk-screen printing or by including transparent spyholes.
  • Hermetic sliding door. It is designed to guarantee the door hermeticism, as well as hygiene. These automatic doors offer the highest safety level also when crossing it, thanks to photocells or proximity sensors. Its features are unique in a way that it guarantees a perfect door sliding.
  • Hermetic glass Clear View doors. Although they are designed for observation rooms in hospitals, due to the high visibility offered by room interiors while they are hermetically isolated, the truth is that they can also be used for clean rooms. This is the case, because the whole ensemble is designed to guarantee hermeticism and to maintain at the same time the desired pressure, temperature, humidity and hygiene conditions. Besides, they offer maximum safety thanks to the anti-smashing function of their sensors and photocells.
  • Hermetic swing doors. These Manusa automatic doors have unique mechanisms that guarantee the room system hermeticism, hygiene and safety. They can be adapted to any project, and customised as regards measures, finishing touches and colours.

All Manusa automatic doors for clean rooms are built with non corrosive materials, aluminium and stainless steel, which offer besides a light structure and allow their integration into any type of room, whether it is in hospitals, laboratories or industrial companies. They have also specific safety functions during the opening and closing, with leaf speed control and anti-smashing function in case of impact. In addition to this, all our automatic doors guarantee the compliance with the different standards that affect them, such as for instance anti bacterial treatments, or safety and hermeticism.

Manusa Automatic Doors