White rooms, also known as clean rooms or rooms of controlled environment, have been designed and built in order to maintain specific cleaning, temperature, humidity, pressure, airflow and lighting conditions.

In certain fields, such as pharmaceutical industry, it is essential to have white rooms since they enable the products manufactured inside of them, to strictly achieve quality standard and comply with the necessary parameters for their development. In this way, it is also possible to avoid product alterations that might be provoked by pathogenic agents or undesired particles directly or indirectly, because of the cross contamination.

How to comply with white rooms sterilization parameters

  • It is crucial that white rooms can count on an adequate and detailed design project as well as proper functioning, maintenance and room control. Besides, elements such as people flow or the materials that will be used inside of rooms are also important in order to adjust to the required hygiene and tightness parameters as much as possible
  • After the design phase, the next step to consider is room As a matter of fact, it is essential that white rooms are properly equipped regarding closing and tightness in each of their part from ceilings to access doors and floor coating. According to the required standards for this type of rooms, it is necessary to build either enclosures or ceilings by using “sandwich” type smooth panels, assembled together through hidden aluminium profiling and using materials that, in general, are inert to microorganism, for instance, stainless, pre-lacquered galvanized steel or synthetic resins.
  • White rooms windows must be equipped with safety glass or double glass and integrated with the walls panel as much as possible in order to avoid air or pathogenic agents’ leaks.
  • Lighting is also an important element that should be seriously taken in consideration. In fact, it is essential to count on luminaires specifically designed for this type of sterile spaces: they must be easy to use and clean in order to avoid particle accumulation that might lead to the contamination of both the rooms and pharmacological products manufactured inside of them. LED luminaire have a longer service life, hence they need to be replaced less often and, in this way, we can reduce the presence of contaminants. Moreover, they produce slow heat radiation that enables us to reduce the use of air-conditioning system and, consequently, save either energy or limiting CO2 emissions in the atmosphere.
  • Doors are key in white rooms since they enable materials, objects, people to pass so that any kind of distraction or leakage can determine the contamination of samples or room itself. By installing and implementing automatic doors, it is possible to achieve the required tightness standards. Manusa can provide automatic swing and sliding doors. Both door types are specifically designed in order to guarantee tightness, safety and hygiene thanks to the material used in their manufacturing (stainless steel or high pressure laminated). It is also possible to add some accessories to this kind of automatic doors, for instance, flush vision panels in glass with camera easy to clean as well as many other accessories that can help white rooms attain their goal.
  • There are several adequate materials that can be implemented in white room floor coating. However, the ones that are generally used are PVC or epoxy, in other words, materials that are highly resistant to use and time passing as well as being easy to clean and maintain. Besides, it is also typical to choose antistatic floors, particularly for those rooms where we use electrostatic charges sensitive equipment or measurement equipment.
  • Air Conditioning. Air Conditioning is paramount in white rooms since it is precisely through air that several particle exchanges occur. It is necessary for air conditioning and purification system to be equipped with high leakage measures that can prevent pathogenic agents, which might contaminate the sample, from accessing the room and keep the optimum and necessary indoor conditions as far as temperature and humidity are concerned. The ducts of these equipment must be properly sealed and thermally insulated so that we can achieve both tightness condition and required comfort.

The elements that are part of white rooms enable the products manufactured inside of them to reach safety and the required guarantee in order to achieve the goals they have been created for.

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