Acces control is essential for businesses such as franchises like gyms, restaurants, retail outlets, shopping centres or wherever it is that requires a close monitoring of vast amounts of service users or where one has to deny access to those who do not comply with the corresponding authorisation to enter.

It is vital that access control systems can be seamlessly adapted to any working environment, no matter the conditions or the kind of building. Thanks to this adaptability, clients, workers and business owners can benefit from a pleasant experience, knowing they are protected by robust security and safety measures necessary in today’s world.

How can access control systems help a business?

  • In the case of a gym & spa, the access control systems boast several functions, although the first and most fundamental is the partitioning of different areas. By doing this, access is denied for those people who have not been authorised to enter or who have not paid their membership. Thanks to the installation of these systems, service users’ safety is enhanced and the business owner can collect certain data about users’ habits (schedules, attendance, average time spent using the facilities, membership expiration, etc).

With all this available information, the establishment is able to adapt its business needs to match the needs of its customers or service users, offering at all times a higher quality of service and optimising the resources that the business has.

In a gym, for example, if the vast number of people attending is known beforehand, the owner could offer more classes, or ensure more staff is on hand to help the gym members so that all users are assisted adequately. Conversely, they could use the information to ascertain when the gym was less visited by its members and attempt to improve and advertise activities during those off-peak periods in order to improve the use of its facilities.

Furthermore, access control systems provide a modern feel and they help the owner to oversee the membership payments. The turnstyles or entry gates themselves are responsible for reminding the user of pending payments if they are to access the facilities, where it would be counterproductive to have a member of staffing controlling this. This staff member could then be better directed at other areas of the business where they are needed.

  • With respect to franchises connected to food and catering outlets, like restaurants, cafés… it is important to have an access control system that separate different parts of the business, preventing customers from accessing areas designated specifically for workers or managers. Thanks to these systems, the manager can set up the employees’ schedules for entering and leaving by facilitating a fingerprint identification or by entering an employee number. This way, human resources are fully optimised.
  • Control systems are of immense benefit to franchises or business that are in malls or shopping centres because of the higher volume of customers that they accommodate each day. For this type of facility it is important to know the number of people that will be using the facilities so as not to go over maximum capacity and to avoid incidents. Also, you are able to carry out a correct evacuation in less time. Furthermore, access control systems prevent customers from accessing private areas of the corporation and areas restricted to the employees.

On the other hand, as what happens in the hospitality sector, businesses need to know the precise schedules of when its employees enter and leave, as well as their access to certain areas such as storage, offices, changing areas, so as to monitor the time workers spend in each of these areas. Using all the data generated, we can scrutinise in detail the company’s activity and make more accurate decisions to improve the efficiency of the business.

  • Another place where we find access control systems is at stadiums or sports centres. The security measures of these large spaces and their surroundings is complex, owing to the incredible amount of information that the security systems can end up dealing with and the multitude of factors that are at play in their design, installation and management. The integration, configuration and coordination of all the available systems that have been installed facilitates the workload for those people in charge of security and safety, and provides fundamental additional information about protection and prevention.

Manusa offers its customers different options for access control:

All these systems are adaptable to other already existing security and access control systems, able to be fully integrated into any architectural project and completely adaptable to people with reduced mobility.

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