Hotels are fundamental places with regard to tourism commercialisation. Millions of travellers lodge in their facilities on a daily basis, which means that safety must be intensified, without making user comfort lessen.

Hotels rely on all types of clients, and many of them can be People with Reduced Mobility (PRM), elders, o simply people with bulky luggage, so it becomes absolutely essential to ease as much as possible all travellers’ stay, regardless of their physical capacities.

Manusa, as a leading company in the automatic door manufacturing sector, relies on a variety of solutions as far as hotels are concerned: from automatic doors for the entrance of the facilities, to doors designed to sectorise and control access to restricted areas.

Entrance doors

  • Standard sliding door. Standard sliding doors with a central or lateral opening system are the most demanded automatic doors due to their big functionality. These doors are usually installed in public entrances and exits where people flow is intense and constant, and where an extra content of safety is required, which is why they are perfect for places such as hotels.
  • Revolving sliding doors. These automatic doors are perfect for being installed in hotels, places where it is essential to keep the indoor air quality stable, while at the same time they provide a touch of distinction thanks to their versatile and state-of-the-art design. Revolving doors provide proper thermal and acoustic insulation, as well as a high level of user safety. 
  • Curved doors. Manusa curved and semi-circular sliding doors blend style, singularity and elegance together with the functionality typical of sliding doors. These curved automatic doors may be provided with a lateral or central opening system with either one or two mobile leaves that move radially. Besides, it is possible to count on different radius and degrees of curvature, so that they can perfectly adapt to any hotel entrance or hall.

Restricted areas

Hotels must have a hold on the different areas of their facilities, from those ones to which only authorised personnel has access, as well as those spaces only reserved for clients that have paid an extra cost; spaces such as gyms or spas.

With a view to restrict access to these areas, Manusa offers different solutions known as access controls.

  • Express Gate: access control corridors with concealable panels. Express Gate are controlled-access corridors aiming to sectorise areas such as hotel offices, gyms or spas since they can incorporate any validation or identification system: biometry, fingerprints, RFID cards, etc. Besides, these corridors also rely on an antifraud system with displacement tracking and monitoring, as well as an anti-theft system for people.
  • Slim Gate: access control corridor with swing panels. Slim Gate are the most recent innovation in access control systems, and their main characteristic are their great safety level, as well as their user comfort and excellent design. These access control corridors with swing panels are similar to Express Gate with regard to their functions: they restrict access to certain areas and they can incorporate any type of validation system.
  • Trio: tripod turnstiles. Tripod turnstiles are the most classical kind of access controls. Besides the safety level they provide, turnstiles can also incorporate the installation of any validation system with a view to restrict access to non authorised personnel to different hotel areas.
  • Spin Gate: rotary turnstile panels. There are hotels that need to mark out some exterior areas such as swimming pools, spas or gyms, which is why they are in need of a certain extra amount of safety. Spin Gate rotary turnstile panels are perfect for such situations.
  • Swing Gate: swing panels. These swing panels are perfect for combining them with other devices such as turnstiles and corridors, since they provide the facilities with an adapted access for PRM.

Fire-resistant doors

These doors delimit areas such as the kitchen, the restaurant or other areas susceptible to fires from those on which hotel clients are, in a way that safety increases exponentially. Manusa fire resistant doors also combine accurately the functionality and aesthetics of an automatic door with the attributes of integrity and fire insulation.

Doors aimed to sectorise

Manusa has two types of doors aimed to sectorise, sliding and telescopic doors. These doors generate a variety of spaces without creating architectural barriers, which is to say, they perfectly integrate into the environment and enhance the mobility of both hotel clients and personnel. These doors are designed for spaces that require high width of free passage and highly crowded.

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