Automatic doors have to comply with current legislation, in this case according to standards set out by the European EN16005 norm, which focuses on preventing users from potential risks.

Although standards can be met in different ways, it is also true that in certain situations, some combinations of services present a higher degree of safety. Such is the case with Manusa automatic doors incorporating an integral panic break-out mechanism.

The panic break-out system allows, in case of emergency, to fold away the automatic door leaves by simple manual pressure, clearing off the door passing zone and enabling wider room for evacuation. Deprived of such mechanism, and whether a case of emergency occurred, the door will remain open according to the law, but room in the fixed leaves would not be cleared off.

This is why doors with panic break-out mechanism are suited to those buildings concentrating high people flow (airports, stations, hospitals, shopping centres, etc.), since they make evacuation easier, in case this should be necessary.

Manusa automatic doors with panic break-out system functioning

Automatic sliding doors work in normal mode (sliding and automatic), but in case of emergency, leaves can be folded manually by pushing them away and folding them on the sides of the door, thus offering a wide passing zone in case of evacuation.

We may find automatic doors with panic break-out system with leaves either with vertical profiles or not. Regarding the first ones, they consist of a robust 45-milimeter thickness profile along its entire perimeter, assuring high resistance.

As regards to transparent leaves with no vertical profile, they offer the panic break-out system safety, besides an added aesthetic bonus on them.

In addition, Manusa automatic doors are energy efficient thanks to their Visio operator, since due to its high speed, temperature leaks from the inside to the outside, and vice-versa as well, are minimised, ensuring this way constant temperature inside the facilities and greater comfort both for clients and employees.

We attest from Manusa safety, functionality, adaptability and aesthetics in all our products and the fact is that more than 50 years of experience and our presence in more than 80 countries back us, offering accordingly the best services and qualities to our clients.