Automatic doors are an example of success in our society. They are used in many places such as shopping centres, office buildings, airports, hospitals, hotels and houses. But what is the secret of their success? Why is something that was invented in the first century and remained forgotten for centuries so popular in our contemporary society? These are the 6 benefits that make automatic doors essentials:

  1. Customers prefer automatic doors

All surveys  about this particular subject obtained the same result: customers prefer and highly appreciate the automatic doors over manual ones. Specifically, the favourable percentage is 98.9%, according to a study in the USA.

Most respondents also said automatic doors are essential in hospitals, hotels, shopping centres and airports. In addition, they demanded greater presence in fewer commonplaces as local public buildings and small businesses.

  1. Comfort

The use of automatic doors instead of heavy and difficult to open manual doors, demonstrates interest and concern for the comfort of users. They are so comfortable to use that “you do not need to use your hands”.

In fact, of all the possible comforts, automatic doors are the first on the list for a pleasant experience. Everyone agrees: they show a good customer service, and facilitate access for the elderly, disabled and parents with strollers.

  1. Corporate image

First impressions are important, and sometimes final. When we enter a building or shopping centre, we maybe take for granted the presence of a door automation system.

However, when there are manual doors, we get a negative impression of the place due to poor accessibility. We think they have not taken into account our needs. And that, for a business, is a serious mistake.

  1. Easy to use and maintain

Automatic doors are manufactured according to high standards of quality and safety, offer easy maintenance and are easy to install in any location, easy to use and easy to maintain.

They have so simple use that “you do not need even your hands.” Once they are installed, their daily management do not require great knowledge and problems rarely arise.

  1. Energy saving

Thanks to increasingly sophisticated motion sensors, doors only open when it is necessary. Once you have crossed them, they close again. This is essential to maintain the temperature of the installations and for energy savings.

In addition, the opening and closing speed plays an important role in saving energy. Assuming that an automatic door must be opened whenever necessary to facilitate the access, the less time it is open, the less energy is lost.

Places with doors left ajar spend more on heating and/or air conditioning. In contrast, low power systems as revolving doors regulate the passage in and out of people and also serve as a natural barrier to maintain the desired temperature.

  1. Accessibility

It is important to welcome everyone, leaving aside their physical capabilities through an opening accessible system. In a global world, ramps, lifts and automatic doors offer access anywhere without much effort.

In many countries it is a statutory obligation. At Manusa, we believe that beyond obligations, it is a question of ethics and responsibility.