Industrial units usually present a high number of high-speed doors within their facilities due to their elevated work volume. There is a great variety of high-speed doors for industrial units, and each one of them accomplishes a specific commitment, either easing free movement, impeding it, playing the role of a fire-resistant door, insulating a clean room with the environment under control, etc. They are also very helpful when fulfilling energy efficiency, since they make insulation easier, which increases to a great extent air tightness within the facilities.

Types of high-speed doors

Manusa offers a wide range of doors for industrial units, thus being adapted to the specific needs of each and every client and working area.

  • High-speed roll-up doors. This type of doors are perfect for environments that are endowed with high traffic both of machinery and personnel, which is to say, for places such as warehouses or loading docks. Due to their reduced size and tightness, it is possible to diversify industrial units into sectors, insulating thermally and acoustically each unit zone.
  • Self-repairing high-speed doors. This type of doors offers an innovative solution in the field of high-speed doors since, in case of accidental collision, its own canvas sets off from the guideway that includes it in order to prevent it from breaking. Once the door raises again, the side zip fastener introduces itself again into the guideway, thus enabling its usual usage.
  • High-speed rollup doors for clean rooms. Specially designed for ensuring the tightness and hygiene required for this type of rooms. They are perfect for environments such as laboratories, where hygiene, tightness and pressure requirements, as well as levels of humidity, need to be rigorously fulfilled, so as to guarantee that the products are deprived of any pathogenic element that could alter its composition.
  • High-speed roll-up ATEX certified doors. These doors enable to divide into sectors explosive environments working in the manipulation of flammable gases, vapours, dust or fuel, thus offering the highest possible security due to their steel structure.
  • High-speed folding-up doors. Specially designed for the intensive use in exterior spaces of large dimensions. Such high-speed doors allow and simplify goods circulation by insulating the interior from adverse weather conditions thanks to their transversal reinforcement bars with which they are equipped.
  • Fire-resistant doors. Doors mentioned above can be combined with fire-resistant doors, specifically designed to diversify different sectors in case of fire, thus preventing it from possible spread. These doors close in a fast way in case of fire, due to the fact that their panels are filled with basalt mineral wool and provide the highest insulation and maximum security.