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Achieving control over climate change and moving towards more sustainable societies is not only a matter of measures that can be implemented from the different legal authorities. It also involves the preparation of business owners and employees in the need of banking on environmental care, showing them the benefits of energy efficiency, recycling or more responsible consumption that may entail on their business and their quality of life.

Let us give a very clear example: energy efficiency. The current model of energy resource generation, transport and consumption is completely unsustainable due to the effects it has upon the environment and climate change. Resorting to energy conservation measures and reducing the use of resources entails important cost savings for companies while, at the same time, it leads companies towards higher sustainability and environmental responsibility.

According to different reports from Chambers of Commerce, Spanish small and medium-sized companies can save up to 20% of the energy they use by implementing only a few changes. And this figure is equal to the 22% of the reduction of emissions Spain has to carry out in order to comply with the Kyoto Protocol. However, in addition, correct energy consumption in SMEs would reduce up to 10% electric energy consumption in this country.

Profits of energy efficiency

How can a company be informed about the profits of such energy efficiency? The best way is by analysing costs and showing them how small changes are able to entail high energy and cost savings. For instance, the installation of automatic doors in office areas results in a significant reduction in energy consumption. If these automatic doors go with measures of thermal insulation, the energy efficiency of the building will improve notably and with it, energy costs will decrease.

Another example is marking out the different areas of the company. Some areas have higher energy use, either because they do not have so much natural light or because they are high traffic areas. These spaces coexist with others that need different ventilation. This is why it is important to properly sectorise the different areas in the company, thus creating different areas, without barriers with a view to ease mobility and allowing different HVAC conditions. And this can be fulfilled by installing telescopic or sliding automatic doors in these areas.

Besides, in order to enhance energy efficiency in a company, it is essential to perform a proper maintenance of the facilities and relying on a good energy management system.

Good practices to save energy in the company (H1)

And, of course, introducing good practices amongst the employees. It is essential they become aware of actions they can fulfil on a daily basis such as taking advantage of natural light rather than using artificial light; turning off computers and other devices when they are not going to be used in more than an hour; reducing water consumption; recycling and reusing materials; separating residues properly or promoting car sharing, the use of public transport or the bicycle with a view to reduce gas emissions into the atmosphere and making use of less energy. To that end, it is important that the company promotes the development of such actions and rewards those employees that perform them in order to motivate them.

However, besides energy efficiency, which entails considerable cost savings regarding to the company, there are other advantages companies benefit from when they take sustainability into account. A company is sustainable when it creates economic, environmental and social value, both in the short and long term.

Employees aiming to work in sustainable companies, whereby implementing environmental policies, and it is a good way of attracting talent. Related to this, there are more and more consumers opting in favour of putting their trust in products and services of sustainable companies. What is more, two out of three consumers in Spain would not purchase products from firms not being environmentally friendly.

That is the reason why sustainability cannot still be seen as altruistic and must be considered as something having a positive impact on the company’s profitability. Business success means the recognition of the consumers’ needs and wishes and the quick adaptation to them. And as of today, this is related to sustainability. Implementing processes and making use of environmentally friendly products, being surrounded by suppliers that also take sustainability into account, recycling and reusing materials, making use of renewable energies… responsible practices are many and very varied.

But the first thing to do is learning and being aware of what is being done wrongly and how sustainability can be improved. By means of this study of the reality of the company, it is possible to make decisions and manage in a way that the economic profitability of the company and its competitiveness work together with environmental protection.

The traditional business model, and the economy in general, do not go with the wellness of the planet. The role of companies is essential due to the capacity flexibility and adaptation they possess, and because they must act as the driving force for necessary change.

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