Nothing can be left to its fate in a hospital, so its design has to be conceived very carefully. Architectural styles, accesses, air conditioning… Everything has to be taken into account in order to ensure wellness and correct functioning.

Within health centres, there are places very sensitive to the spread of illness, pollution, noise, etc. They require proper systems, which may ensure airtightness in their installations. We allude for instance, to operating theatres, observation rooms and X-ray facilities. These are rooms where the number of particles suspended in air, pressure, temperature and humidity are monitored to check the proper levels of cleanliness.

It is important for clean room environments to maintain constant its characteristics, so that the place may fulfil its function. For this reason, automatic hermetic doors are used in aid of:

  • Keeping the room free of external pollution or preventing pollution from spreading out of the room.
  • Sealing gaps in doors to keep pressure measurements constant.
  • Optimizing the use of treated air units within the domain.
  • Reducing operating costs.

In order to accomplish the above-mentioned, door installations have to be planned down to the last little detail. Regarding hermetic swing doors, leaves should remain sealed on their sides and at the top, thus ensuring airtightness. Besides, a mechanism slipping against the flooring surface when the door is closed will secure the sealing at the bottom.

Regarding hermetic sliding doors, in order to achieve proper airtightness, leaves drop down 0.6 inches towards the floor and fit 0.4 inches towards the frame in order to seal hermetically the perimeter of the gap. Besides, block frames perfectly fit into leaves, thus ensuring airtightness in any type of walls and allowing the frame to be covered with the same finishing than leaves.

And at the same level of importance, hermetic doors have to guarantee operating, hygienic and aesthetic properties, since they play a big part in the development of health projects. Manusa automatic hermetic doors fully meet all requirements: for instance, they can be open manually in case of power failure, use easy-to-clean noble materials like stainless steel, and their finishing make them perfectly fit at the aesthetic level, thus becoming outstandingly functional.

Other areas with special functions, such as observation rooms or intensive care units demand hermetic glazed doors maintaining a high degree of visibility from the inside. These are 100% hermetic doors that keep pressure, temperature and humidity at a desired level in spite of their transparent properties.

The possibility of installing automatic doors lead-leaned for X-ray rooms is also available. They guarantee full insulation in these areas, thanks to their lead sheets, both on leaves and vision panels. Besides, these doors are complemented with specific accessories, such as elbow push buttons that make opening easier when hands are full or touchless sensors that allow the opening of the door with no contact, thus preventing medical gloves already sterilized from being infected.

At Manusa, we are aware that hospitals are buildings with specific and special traits. Working along with them requires high-adaptability in our products and surely the best quality. We always maintain the highest standards and it is for that reason that centres such as the Central University Hospital of Asturias (Spain), La Fe University Hospital of Valencia (Spain) or the Red Cross Hospital of Bangkok (Thailand), amongst others, trust in our services.