Hotels are very important in the touristic field, therefore they need to take special care of their customers and fulfil their necessities and expectations. Accessibility is one of the thing customers value the most when it comes to choosing a hotel. The ease in which customers, regardless of their mental or physical condition, can have access to the facilities remarkably determines the reservation number as well as the hotel success, in other words, its profitability.

In order to achieve the accessibility universal requirement, hotels can implement and install several systems aimed at improving their guests’ experience. 

 Optimizing access systems

Biometric systems. They aim to identify someone by using their fingerprints, iris, retina or face features among others, so they make it possible to avoid using keys, cards, passwords that might be forgotten or lost. Although it is a relatively new system, there are hotels that currently are using it in order to automatize the access to their facilities.

Once a guest is registered in the hotel, his/ her fingertips are associated with his/ her room and with all the services he/she reserved. In this way, we can avoid the use of any other element to access the hotel facilities. Moreover, biometrics can be also used to pay extra services offered by the hotel, for instance, the Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel uses this system so its customers do not need cash or credit cards in the hotel pool bar.

These systems represent a higher comfort for customers and, at the same time, they contribute to enhance a more effective hotel customers control by identifying areas and consequently, avoiding that not registered people access the facilities. In this way, they increase security as well.

Automatic doors

Automatic doors are one of the most important elements in hotels since they have several functions, such as:

–  Entrance automatic doors allow an easy access to the hotel hall. Their people detection system and width enable both reduced mobility guests and those who are carrying suitcases to avoid all effort when they access the hotel. In this way, they ease mobility and give an amplitude impression too.

– Another reason why the use of automatic door is paramount in hotels is the partitioning and mobility of both hotel employees and guests. In fact, automatic doors can divide different areas, by preventing the customers from accessing private hotel workers areas or avoiding the use of certain services the guests have not previously paid for.

Safety. Automatic doors also contribute to separate fire risk areas, for instance kitchens, from the rest of rooms so we can avoid fire spread, in case it happens. Furthermore, in evacuation routes, it is possible to install integral panic break-out doors in order to facilitate the building evacuation in case of emergency.

– External appearance.  The entry door is one of the first impression customers get of facilities. A well finished automatic access in accordance with the rest of facilities, can catch more customers’ eye: they will be encouraged by the expectation to find interiors similar to the façade. Regarding indoor automatic doors, they give a touch of modernity and distinction

Access control Systems

– Access control corridor with hidden or swing panels(Express Gates and Slim Gates). Access control corridors contribute to limit the access to areas such as  hotel gyms, spa of all those guests are not authorized to use them. Manusa exclusive opening system grantees total security for the facility and safety for the user.

Turnstiles (Trio Gates).  It is the typical and safest used system regarding limited area protection. The turnstiles sectorise zones and protect limited access area.

Every Manusa access systems is able to integrate all type of validation or identification system, either biometrics or keys and electronic cards.

Pros of automatic accesses installation

There are various advantages of installing automatic accesses in hotels such as:

Security. It is one of the most important element since it prevents not authorized people from accessing certain areas. Moreover, in case they use biometrics, safety is highly enhanced since cards or keys that can be easily lost, stolen or forgotten are no longer necessary.

Energy efficiency. The current access system can save a great amount of energy. In fact, automatic doors open just when necessary so it is possible to avoid unnecessary hotel indoor and outdoor temperature exchanges as well as minimizing energy consumption and reducing  COemissions

Universal accessibility. Automatic accesses enable guests and workers to move freely regardless of their physical condition.

– Comfort. The current automatic access systems enable guests to experience a pleasant stay by guaranteeing all those typical elements of a leisure place.

Appearance. They improve the facilities appearance by endowing it with elegance and a distinctive touch.

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