Even though energy renovation of buildings is still an unknown topic to many, it is highly important to take it into account. As a matter of fact, our health will depend on the energy renovation efficiency level of the building we live or work in.

Several scientific studies show that either working or living in buildings that are not insulated properly have a considerable negative effect on our health. The exposition to high temperatures in summer and very low in winter as well as humidity and noise determines a worsening in people’s quality of life and rest which ultimately leads to health deterioration. Recent published studies about cities like London or Madrid confirm the above mentioned data. Energy poverty can be regarded as the cause of disorders such as depression, stress, work absenteeism and even the increasing of mortality rate.

By means of a thorough energy renovation of the building, it will be possible to reach substantial energy savings and improve the quality of life of those who live in the building.

How to achieve proper energy renovation

The thermal insulation of the facade is a key step in the energy renovation process of the building. In fact, repairing cracks, wall gaps and improving the overall building envelope insulation, it is crucial to avoid thermal exchanges inside out the building

  • Doors and Windows. Several thermal exchanges take place by means of the aforementioned elements, especially in old buildings. Hence, it is paramount to replace them with new ones instead. As far as windows are concerned, it is essential to equip them with heat conserving double glazing and thermal broken systems. This equipment will dissipate cold, heat and humidity so that it will be possible to achieve a stable indoor temperature and, consequently, reduce air conditioning or heating usage.

On the other hand, doors deserve a special mention since they are either left open more than necessary due to distraction or carelessness or they are not sufficiently tight in order to avoid cold and hot air filtration. In light of the above, installing automatic doors is highly recommended not only in office facilities but also in residential ones and almost wherever you would like to. Automatic doors will enhance indoor comfort as they will be kept closed at all times and open just when flow of people is detected. By means of them, it will be possible either to avoid distraction when it comes to door closing or to reduce air filtering thanks to the tight system that prevents the air from sneaking through the door seals inside out and vice versa. These opening/ closing systems guarantee optimum indoor conditions and ultimate comfort and, consequently, have a positive impact on inhabitants or workers’ health.

Another element it is important to check is humidity levels. As a matter of fact, the presence of an excessive level of indoor humidity might lead to serious health problems, especially respiratory ones. A level higher than 65% is regarded as detrimental to health due to the proliferation of microorganisms such as mites or mould fungi. Moreover, excessive humidity may provoke respiratory allergic disorders, asthma symptoms, respiratory infections and rheumatism. In order to avoid high level of humidity, it is crucial to implement the earlier mentioned measures, for instance, repairing existing cracks and wall gaps, reinforcing the building envelope and finally carefully checking the tightness efficiency of doors and windows.

  • Sound proofing. It is paramount for the building to reach the so called “optimum decibel levels”. The importance of noise problem is often underestimated; nevertheless, according to data extracted from various medical studies, it may provoke serious diseases and also mental disorders.  In fact, high noise levels can determine, among others, physiological problems, such as gradual hearing loss, hypertension, or heart diseases and even psychological disorders like, irritability, fatigue, concentration problem or stress.

As well as improving inhabitants’ health conditions, structural reforms will enable the building to get energetically efficient and, therefore,  reduce energy consumption, economic cost and polluting emissions that have also a negative effect on our health

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