Automatic doors have become essential elements in a countless number of businesses, public and government institutions, leisure areas, public transport, hospitals, in the private sphere and even at homes, and this is owing to the many benefits that are derived from their use.

Security increase. Automatic doors increase security in businesses and establishments, in particular when they are integrated into and Access Control System.

  • On the one hand, Manusa automatic doors are equipped with an anti-blocking system which is formed by photocells, sensors that detect the passage of objects or people through the doorstep, thus impeding its closing before any obstacle.
  • Manusa has at disposal automatic doors to mark out certain areas, and with access control corridors, turnstiles and tripod barriers aimed to control accesses with regard to means of transport, gyms, hotels, hospitals or any building in need of extra security, preventing as well possible frauds that may occur during movement supervision. Besides, in all of them, it is possible to integrate a variety of validation systems, going from biometrics, fingerprints, radio frequency identification (RFID tags), facial recognition, etc., thus increasing security in an exponential way in those places where they have been installed.
  • In the healthcare sector, Manusa offers the so-called sliding hermetic doors, designed to guarantee air tightness and hygiene, indispensable conditions for white rooms, operating theatres, radiology rooms or pharmaceutical laboratories.
  • Manusa evacuation rooms. These doors guarantee the evacuation of a building, establishment or business with all the security standards since, in case of emergency, the leaves that compose the automatic door fold up by simply pushing them manually towards the exterior, thus increasing the width of passage for users.
  • Manusa fire resistant doors. The main function of these special doors is acting as a separating barrier in order to mark out spaces within one same building, thus impeding that flames or gases pass through the door for 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the type of door. This kind of doors also fulfil a demarcating function since they are usually employed in spaces susceptible to suffer fires, such as hotel kitchens, restaurants or hospitals, preventing the fire from spreading towards those areas where clients or patients are.

Insulation and reduction of energy consumption. Automatic doors are great allies as far as energy conservation goes. Thanks to their use and their high level of air tightness, they do not need to remain open more time than necessary, thus diminishing temperature exchanges between the interior and the exterior of the building. This will not only entail a reduction of energy bills and higher profits for the company, but also a reduction in CO2 emissions and other agents of pollution into the atmosphere, making the building in question be more ecological.

Universal accessibility. Automatic doors are barrier remover elements, since they allow that any person may access freely buildings or areas where they are installed without having to carry out an extra effort to that end. Automatic doors are perfect not only for People with Reduced Mobility (PRM), but also because they increase comfort and enhance the flow of passage of any user.

Hygiene. Automatic doors are much more hygienic than conventional doors because thanks to their automatic opening, they avoid the physical contact of people with themselves. In places such as airports, shopping centres, public transport and hospitals, they are elements almost indispensable since they can even prevent disease transmission.

Comfort. Automatic doors enhance and ease people flow thanks to the convenience of their usage and quickness. In addition to this, they keep temperature stable within the building, which makes user comfort increase in a notable way.

Low maintenance cost. Manusa automatic doors require low maintenance, which is why their derived costs are very moderate, particularly compared to the benefits provided to clients, users, employees or the company itself.

Added value and brand image. Users have a better perception of buildings or companies equipped with automatic doors in their facilities due to their elegance, convenience, security and ease of use, which makes the brand image enhance in turn in a notable way.

For instance, a few that can be mentioned are Manusa curved sliding doors, revolving automatic doors or telescopic sliding doors. These doors are generally used in hotels or car sales areas with a view to create singular, state-of-the-art, versatile and functional entrances, thus equipping the establishment in question with a touch of modernity and sophistication, without losing sight of their task with regard to security and accessibility.

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