Having an evacuation or emergency plan at disposal becomes essential for any organisation so that, in case of accident, risks can be avoided or minimised, causing as less damages to people as possible. To this effect, resources and procedures need to be organised so that people at risk of any danger (fire, flood, gas leaks, bomb, etc…) protect both their life and their physical integrity.

What are evacuation plans and what do they entail?

An evacuation plan tries to organise and plan people’s scope of action in case of emergency, using to that effect all the disposable resources aimed to reduce risks at its lowest. The evacuation plan stipulates and sets the way in which each member of an organisation has to act, therefore it is possible to reduce intervention time and thus, risk situations.

The high success rate of such technique is based on two basic concepts: prevention and anticipated planning, thanks to which different issues that may arise can be studied, evaluated and put into practice, as well as the actions that can be carried out in order to palliate or minimise them. In other words, evacuation plans specify the manner in which employees have to act in case of emergency and as quickly as possible.

Requirements for an Evacuation Plan

  • To make it known in writing and being of public domain within the organisation.
  • The different roles of each team member, as well as emergency exits, meeting points, the assiduity with which practice drills will be carried out, need to be stipulated and defined.
  • It has to be flexible. Depending on the emergency, the scope of action ought to be modified.
  • Practice: it is essential to put into practice possible incidents that may occur within the organisation through programmed practice drills, since thanks to training in matters of safety, response time decreases, thus increasing the possibilities of success.
  • Organisation. The organisation gains special relevance when it comes to make the evacuation plan work correctly. Each and every member has to be aware of the role model in case of emergency, putting it into practice in an organised way and according to the procedure that has been indicated.

Goal: enabling a quick evacuation

Besides training the members being part of the organisation, it is necessary to rely on a great set of basic material tools which enable the evacuation of the facilities as quick as possible, as well as equipment that can reduce risks once the incident has been caused. We are basically referring to elements such as extinguishers, pre-assembled fire hose reels, lighting and emergency and evacuation signs, anti fire alarm systems or automatic doors with panic break-out system, among others.

Regarding anti fire systems such as extinguishers, alarm systems or lighting systems, it is essential that proper maintenance is carried out regularly in order to guarantee its good functioning. They also need to be properly marked, put at accessible points and close to the areas where a fire would be more likely to start, extinguishers mainly.

Another point where special attention has to be put on is the one regarding emergency exits. Due to the need to act quickly and simply, it is important to rely on accesses or exits enabling the evacuation of the facilities with ease and as quick as possible. On account of this, automatic doors have an emergency system that opens them in case of alarm, enabling the passage to the exterior. There are different models of safety systems within the automatic doors business. Manusa has at disposal automatic doors with panic break-out system, which increase safety levels due to their opening systems. While automatic doors in case of emergency have their free transit areas limited to the fixed leaves, Manusa automatic doors with panic break-out system remove such impediment by creating a wider transit area since they enable to fold both fixed and sliding leaves. By simply pushing them, leaves become folding leaves and can be folded on the sidelines of the transit area, enhancing and making easier the evacuation of the establishment.

The uncertainty generated during these cases of emergency makes us be aware that in order to confront the situation successfully, the only valid method, besides prevention, is anticipated planning of the different options to follow.

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