Biometrics is an increasingly accepted technology in the security and access control sectors. It is a human activity recognition method based on people’s physiological and behavioural features. Fingerprint, iris, face, voice or gait recognition are progressively more and more extended techniques, which offer more accurate, less intrusive and much safer authentication methods.

Advantages of incorporating biometrics in automatic doors Manusa

The benefits of incorporating biometrics into automatic doors are multiple. Keys, access cards or codes can get lost, forgotten or stolen. But this is not the case with a person’s fingerprint, iris or face. For that reason, related to other access control technologies, biometrics guarantees one of the least accessible authentication levels at the present time. An individual’s biological characteristics are unique and untransferable, and taking advantage of such distinction with a view to increase security and reliability of access systems is a key aspect at the present time.

For the most part, in environments where security is essential or where access controls are required, from laboratories and industrial units to offices, gyms or residential buildings. With access controls equipped with biometrics, the system recognises the user and opens or closes automatic doors. The quickness of this technology enables the system to detect in a very short time, for instance, users’ fingerprint and let them come in, or not. This way, if there is more than one person who needs to access, masses of people are avoided. Besides, this system generates information to be aware of who has come in, at what time, whether they are up-to-date with their payments (for instance, in a gym), and this record of activities may provide higher security and information that can be used in order to offer a better service.

But furthermore, this technology offers high benefits in those places where, added to security, higher flexibility is needed. Airports are a very clear example. Millions of people pass through airports all over the world on a daily basis. The need for controlling security in these spaces is a key aspect to guarantee comfort in regards to the travellers who walk through them. Besides, they are spaces where efficiency and agility in procedures enhance the travellers’ user experience and prevent conflictive situations. For this reason, the incorporation of biometrics in automatic doors and access controls in airports speeds up the travellers’ transit times, as well as it allows to gather accurate information on them. This way, investing in innovative solutions such as these, besides contributing to improve security, long queues at passport controls are avoided, procedures are made easier and people circulation is more free-flowing. It can as well be complemented with higher personalisation of the procedures and a better user experience for passengers, who feel more comfortable and safe in an environment which is not always easy to them.

However, automatic doors equipped with biometric techniques are not only useful for buildings or facilities with a high level of people circulation. The applicability of these systems is also being put into practice as regards homes, thanks to the improvement in security they offer. And feeling safe at one’s own home is something we all should be able to appreciate. This is why having a front door in a home which opens by means of fingerprint reading offers higher security to the owners, as well as it increases comfort and relief. And you will not have to worry again about where you left your keys.

Even in office buildings, the installation of biometric automatic doors can be a good choice if they are combined with other access control systems. With regard to these buildings, new personnel comes in and out on a daily basis, messengers, business agents, visitors… therefore it is necessary to combine different systems so that all this movement flows and no one shuts off the passage of others.

Technological advances are the order of the day. In Manusa, they are on the lookout for them with a view to increase and enhance the service quality offered by them, and guarantee their clients the highest levels of security, comfort and efficiency. A good example is the implementation of biometrics in their access controls. Their Slim Gate systems (access control corridors with swing panels), as well as Express Gate (access control corridors with hidden panels) offer the possibility of incorporating fingerprint or facial recognition biometric techniques for higher security and control of the people entering or leaving a building.

It is a first step towards the incorporation of biometrics in automatic doors, which will entail higher flexibility with regard to people circulation. The objective is to provide with systems that guarantee people who make use of them security and comfort. To that end, Manusa still innovates and banks on the state of the art technology so that the combination of biometrics and automatic doors is comfortable, useful and secure.

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