Manusa’s policies on work-life balance and gender equality in the workplace have been recognised with the Company for Work-life Balance Prize for the Madrid-Central Spain branch in the category of medium-sized business, granted by the Boadilla del Monte City Council (Madrid, Spain).

The Company for Work-Life Balance Prize acknowledges the value of local enterprises that most improve their employees’ balance between work and personal life and are most committed to raise awareness about the necessary equal opportunities for women and men. Amongst the criteria taken into consideration, the number of women into the workforce, flexible schedules, social benefits or the possibility of working from home were highlighted.

Manusa’s largest capital are the people, which is why their well-being is essential so that their work develops as is due. They are also aware of the importance that the balance between work and family life has to their employees. Putting work-life balance measures in place not only enhances their personal well-being, but also reduces the stress they can go through and benefits their professional development as they find higher motivation.

And this motivation entails higher job commitment to the company, which results in benefit for the organization. Manusa is clear about work-life balance and how beneficial it is for employees, but also for the whole company. Flexible schedules enable to better reconcile certain daily activities, such as taking their children to school or to the doctor, and even improve employee health.

Besides, this commitment entails that less people leave the company because of feeling dissatisfied with the conditions, therefore the costs that the search and selection of personnel involve are reduced. And productivity remains at high levels, as well as efficiency. According to a variety of studies, it is proven that in companies whereby work and family life are balanced, employees feel four times more committed and productivity can increase up to 20%. On account of this, what can be stated is that the benefits of work-life balance are larger than the investment the company carries out.


This is part of two other factors that need to be considered. On one side, talent attraction and employee retention are boosted, a fundamental aspect of companies nowadays. Manusa’s work-life balance measures are considered something extra by this talent, since they allow all employees to keep their professional development continuous, as well as they see all their needs satisfied.

And what is more, it improves the company’s corporate image, both with regard to employees and to the exterior. Being rewarded with the Company for Work–Life Balance Prize in its Madrid-Central Spain brach is very important for Manusa since besides recognizing their worth, it encourages them to keep betting on such policies that allow them to distinguish themselves.

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