Manusa, a leading company in automatic doors and access control systems has manufactured and installed three large dimension tunnel partitioning doors for section II of Line 9 in Barcelona Metro.

The three identical doors, 4 metres wide by 3,7 metres high approximately, withstand a pressure greater than 2.000 Pa and have smoke-resistant properties with a maximum resistance to fire of 120 minutes. Each door is equipped with a fire-resistant EI120 pedestrian door to allow people passage in the event of fire, when the tunnel partitioning doors will close to prevent smoke and fire spread in the tunnel.

The metal structure supporting the doors consists of a series of telescopic adjustments that allow easy and quick adaptation to the irregularities always present in construction works, respecting the demanding applications required in these type of installations

Regarding control, the doors interact with the track signalling and the stations and tunnel fire-prevention system, meeting a SIL3 safety grade, allowing them to guarantee Siemens UTO system reliability (without driver and without conductor) that governs the circulating convoys in this metro line.

The three tunnel partitioning doors have been tailor-made manufactured under turnkey project in the record time of three months, in which Manusa has completed both fabrication and installation thanks to its technological and engineering capability.

Manusa, with over 45 years of experience, develops and manufactures all its products. Along with Spain, the company has branches in Portugal, Brazil, Singapore and India, and presence in over 70 countries worldwide.