Now it is possible to incorporate Manusa solutions in projects created in BIM technology.
Manusa has developed its product catalogue in BIM format, like intelligent objects that can be incorporated to construction projects managed with this technology.

The new Manusa BIM objects are now available in the company website ( in Spanish, English and Portuguese in Revit format, and covers the standard and telescopic automatic doors range, as well as hermetic doors, access control solutions and products for the public transport area such as ticket gates

catalogo-formato-bimA BIM digital model in 3D is a digital prototype, which contains the virtual equivalent of the individual elements that compose a building (pillars, windows, doors, etc.), and that allow to make a simulation and understand the behaviour of the conjunction of the different elements in a virtual environment before starting its real construction.

The use of BIM models is a time-saver for the specifier, as the objects can be modified from a central virtual model, without the need of applying the modifications one by one. This fact not only increases productivity, but also results in better-coordinated designs.

A BIM model, apart from offering basic data such as traditional drawings in 2D also offers information about the position of the objects, how they connect with other construction elements, their engineering data, manufacturing materials, whether they are interior or exterior objects, if they are sufficiently insulated, etc., which allows us to know the sustainability degree of the building.

As well as the drawings and information about the solutions that compose it, a BIM model also contains information about the project planning and the budget in every phase of execution, making it possible to know the variations in real time.

On the other hand, the data that composes a BIM model is not only of use during the execution of the project, but it is still valid during all the life cycle of the building, helping to reduce operation and maintenance costs.

Thanks to the development of its access solutions in BIM format, Manusa takes a step ahead to offer specifiers tools adapted to their specific needs that will allow them to incorporate automatic doors in projects in a practical and easy way. Moreover, Manusa put at their disposal the email address to solve any doubt that may appear