Manusa, together with its authorised distributor in Pakistan, MESI Enterprises, has come out first in the contest for the execution of integrated system of automatic doors for BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) line stations in Peshawar (Pakistan). In particular, this system will be installed in the TransPeshawar project, a rapid transit system currently under construction which aims to enhance quality and efficiency as regards urban transport traffic networks in the city. The project is financed by the Asian Development Bank, whose work aims to improve economic development, reduce poverty and protect the environment, amongst other objectives in Asia and the Pacific region.

Manusa will be responsible for the manufacture of 430 doors which will be required in the 31 TransPeshawar stations, as well as control systems, while MESI Enterprises will take charge of the installation and service. Manusa automatic door integrated systems for BRT line stations are fully integrated into the architecture of the station and are designed for intensive use. It is expected that this transport system is accessible for almost 18% of the population in the area, which means giving service to more than half a million people.

Besides, Manusa BRT systems enable to integrate into their control systems the rest of the station services, from tariff barriers and lighting to climate control or the user communication system, for instance.

This system is comprised of four fundamental elements:

  • Vehicle positioning system. It communicates the bus with the station in order to coordinate the proper opening of doors at the platforms.
  • Automatic doors. They are comprised of the operator that offers the highest features and a set of fixed and mobile leaves that compose a modular ensemble. In order to guarantee user safety, automatic doors are equipped with different sensors and security devices.
  • Communication system. This system supervises the vehicle positioning, as well as the management of opening and closing orders for the set of automatic doors at the platforms.
  • Scalable management system. This system enables to modulate in an easy way the automatic doors opening and closing control system in case the requirements of the network increased.

In the coming months ahead, Manusa and MESI Enterprises must develop the project that won the contest. To that end, they are at an advantage since Manusa BRT systems provide an easy installation and can be perfectly adapted to any infrastructure. They can also take advantage of its low maintenance and the fact that it is an expansible system, which will allow them to adapt to the growth of the TransPeshawar BRT system itself.

Besides, this BRT system by Manusa is versatile, since it is possible to meet all the control and safety demands and it is intelligent, because it can identify the diversity of vehicles in the different lines and perform the opening of each vehicle in the correct platform. This is an essential aspect of a BRT system such as TransPeshawar, as it will make use of a fleet of 299 buses.

As of today, Manusa has already installed 1,000 doors in other BRT systems in Pakistan, becoming undisputed leaders on this market. Amongst them, it is worth mentioning the Rawalpindi-Islamabad Metrobus, where they have installed 550 automatic doors in the 38 stations comprising this service.

The quality of Manusa BRT system, as well as its experience in the country, have been two essential aspects so that the company, together with MESI Enterprises, won this contest, which makes its presence in Pakistan strengthen.

Manusa Automatic Doors