The Spanish Association of Manufacturers of Automatic Doors (APA, according to its initials in Spanish), together with the Institute of Metallurgical, Furniture, Wood, Packaging and Related Technology (AIDIMME) have fostered the first European Automatic Door Observatory. The purpose of this analysis panel is to provide the companies of the automatic door sector with strategic tools through information and qualified data analysis gathered from real business and market situations (both national and international).

By means of this, it is intended that this European Automatic Door Observatory becomes a key tool for business decision-making aimed to increase business competitiveness, enhance the production system and generate steady employment in the automatic door sector.

To that end, the Observatory will make use of AIDIMME’s own working methodology, used and contrasted in the market observatories of different economic sectors such as ceramics, textile, plastic, toy… This methodology is based on the participation of all companies in the value chain: suppliers, manufacturers, installers, distributors… This way, a representative panel of the automatic door sector is drawn up, and it will lay the groundwork for the functioning of the Observatory and data collection for the different studies that will be performed.

The importance of this Observatory lies in the need of knowledge in a sector where there is a high degree of difficulty to collect specific sources. For instance, there is not a specific title on Spanish business taxes for the installation and maintenance of automatic doors, so the information gathered from these guidelines is not fully accurate, since it is not different from that of other collectives under the same title. The same situation can be found with exports information. Other products take part in the same classification, which means an obstacle for being aware of real data in the sector.

Nasce o primeiro Observatório de Portas Automática

Through the Observatory data collection, a more real picture of the situation of the automatic door sector currently could be defined, regarding manufacturing as well as market launch, exportation, contribution to GDP, number and size of companies, evolution, challenges… to sum up, highly valuable information for a sector with a great capacity of adaptation and flexibility facing new changes and challenges.

One of the first interventions of this European Automatic Door Observatory will be the performance of a pre-study on the automatic door market in Spain. To that end, official data will be analyzed just as the National Institute of Statistics (INE, for its acronym in Spanish) or the INE’s Central Companies Directory has them, for instance, and from information gathered from the sector companies themselves. By means of this study, two main objectives are pursued: on the one hand, to set up the situation of the sector, to be aware of the main activities, and the kind of companies that comprise it. On the other hand, the study will be useful for knowing the possibilities of segmentation and sampling aiming at the creation of the industrial panel.

In the beginning stage, the Observatory will focus its activity on the national level, with a view to know and highlight the results of the Spanish automatic door sector. However, its objective is more ambitious since it will try to evolve by exporting this know-how to other countries of the European Union, as well as to Latin America. For that purpose, it will take advantage of the sector associations connected with APA. The association is a member of the European Door and Shutter Federation (EDSF) and a Spanish sector organization of automatic doors in Mexico and Chile, through the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in these countries, and is in course of incorporating into the Chambers in Peru and Colombia. Besides, the Spanish Association of Automatic Doors is the representative of more than 75% of the manufacturing and commercialization of the Spanish automatic door sector, as well as their exports.

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