Technology has brought along a considerable rise of business process automation. This leads to increase productivity, improve competitiveness and reduce costs significantly, which with no doubt affects the benefits of companies.

Process automation covers all fields in a company, from the simplest to the most complicated, its final aim being the achievement of more productive and easy ways of working.

Let us set the example of automatic doors. The closing of places is essential for many of the activities of a company, as well as such significant aspects as reducing the cost of the energy bill or making the movement of people and goods easier. When the decision of installing automatic doors in the company has been made, we have to consider that, depending upon their location, we need to count on one model or another.

There are many options depending on the place where they will be installed, the type of users, the movement of people or the need for partitioning standards… Before making a choice, true needs have to be examined, and the best solutions for each case evaluated. For instance, high-traffic sliding doors at the building entrances entail the safety enhancement to people and traffic of entries and exits all at once. Opening and closing convenient speed, as well as opening optimization itself, subsequently results in saving energy and providing your company with a fancier aspect.

Besides, if the area has a huge amount of traffic, as for a public building, an airport, a hotel or a shopping centre, for instance, the installation of emergency evacuation automatic doors, also known as break-out doors, is recommended. In case of emergency, their leaves fold up by simple manual pushing out to the exterior, thus making people’s quick and safe exit easier.

As far as hospitals, factories or dangerous goods warehouses, for instance, are concerned, it is required that they have rooms with specific safety or temperature conditions. Hermetic automatic doors are excellent for such places, as they allow the room to be kept external pollution-free (or prevent pollution from getting out of the room) as well as they optimize the use of treated air within the area.

In those cases, fire-resistant doors are also of interest, since their structure (glass and framing) has a fire-resistance rating and allows the partition of higher fire-risk areas, preventing fire and smoke from spreading fast out of the affected area.

Another example of how automation makes working conditions easier in a company are high speed doors in warehouses, key in logistical processes since they entail a workflow optimization and the quick and efficient loading and unloading of goods. Besides, they protect the interior against the external weather conditions and are able to offer special functions as well, such as high speed doors for clean rooms or doors adapted to ATEX environments.

By making use of automatic doors, your company will not only be able to have a more elegant entrance or exit at its disposal, it will also reduce costs (such as energy consumption), wait times (the opening speed can be adjusted) and will increase your employees’ productivity, which finally turns into an income statement betterment.