Automatic doors increase security in businesses, establishments and even residential buildings, particularly when they are equipped with an access control system. More and more people settle on them for their buildings. And when it comes to choose the automatic door, besides paying attention to design and its functionality, one should concern about the security systems installed in it. This is how we will manage to make everything work perfectly, without any trouble or undesirable accidents.

Doors remaining halfway or just barely open or closed, engines that do not work, external elements impeding the proper functioning of systems… automatic doors are subject to failures and incidents, more or less serious, provoking annoyances and possibly causing accidents.

How can we take control of security in door automation? There are three aspects that indicate us whether the maximum security standards are met: the door is equipped with the security elements required for each model, the company complies with current regulations, and the door maintenance service is competent. These are key aspects with a view to reduce user risks and guarantee the quality of automatic doors and that they are functioning correctly.

To that end, it is necessary that when the time comes to choose your automatic door supplier, you resist temptation. In many cases, the choice goes for ‘pirated’ automatic doors, cheaper but not complying with current regulations, so that they do not meet the security responsibilities that are required. Furthermore, the emergence of a high number of ‘pirated’ automatic doors has made the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism start a campaign of inspections in order to keep a close eye on the sector, impose penalties and seal off the ‘pirated’ automatic doors, thus reducing the level of noncompliance.

A importância da segurança nas portas automáticas

An adequate automatic door must have the CE marking and adapt to European directives regarding quality in order to guarantee security and comply with current regulations. These guidelines set the limits of security in design, usage, accessibility, installation, fire protection and all aspects affecting the automatic doors proper functioning. Such responsibility comes from a directive, in force since 2005 and modified in 2013, which establishes that automatic doors must be certified by authorised technicians and have their corresponding CE marking. This CE marking is a certificate including the manufacturer’s accreditation, the type of automatic door, performance and that they are test-certified, amongst others.

Besides, when the manufacturer delivers an automatic door, they must hand in a set of specific documents: a declaration of conformity, a use and maintenance guide and a maintenance log book, on which the operations performed are reflected, with the date and signature of the professionals that have carried them out.

In respect of the security elements of automatic doors, the most common are usually photocells and security sensors, which detect human movement thus impeding the door from closing and guaranteeing protection to pedestrians. This way, risks of squashing or collision are reduced. Still, depending on the door model, there are also access control systems, personnel identification systems, automatic locking devices, exterior key switches, surface bolts…

To all this, we must add the need of performing a good maintenance. Regular maintenance prevents accidents, reduces failures and the issues they can entail, and helps to extend the life of the automatic door. And to make such maintenance adequate, not anybody can do it. It must be performed by a company with renowned solvency and certified personnel and with experience. Automatic doors are pieces in need of adjustments, calibration, substitution of spare parts… and it is necessary that these are performed by qualified technical personnel in the know about such characteristics.

In Manusa, we are aware of the importance of security in automatic doors. This is why all their products rely on the assurance of complying with all the European regulations dealing with automatic doors. Besides, during the manufacturing process of each and every of its products, different measures are taken aimed to avoid any risk throughout the useful life of its doors so that they can operate without risk for the people.

Besides, Manusa offers a post-sales service, Manusa Service, which is characterised by the promptitude when it comes to solve incidents and complying with the maximum quality and exigency guarantees. This goes hand in hand with the requirement of regular maintenance at the hands of authorised technicians, which guarantee that their clients may enjoy their automatic doors in optimal conditions during an extended useful life.

Security in automatic doors is a key factor in order to guarantee their proper functioning and to protect the people crossing them on a daily basis. This is why in Manusa, security is integrated into each and every stage of the design and manufacturing process, so that maximum quality is guaranteed in each and every of their products.

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