The upcoming summer is intrinsically linked to the air conditioners, which means that thousands of offices will make more use of electric power. Therefore, it is essential that this consumption is made in a responsible and effective way, in order to avoid wasting energy and to prevent a huge electricity bill.

The first thing to consider when talking about efficient offices is that it is not necessary to reduce comfort to achieve the desired efficiency. We can achieve a balance between consumption and comfort by adopting simple but effective measures.

One of the first and main measures to be taken is the one concerning insulation. Through doors and windows there are exchanges of temperature and leaks, so it is essential to minimize all of them. In the case of the windows, we must choose insulating glass or double glazed windows, because during summer they will prevent the penetration of sunlight and overheating, what makes a greater thermal sensation inside of the office. In addition, to dissipate some of the heat, this type of windows can also insulate us from the outside noise, so, not only increases the thermal comfort, but acoustic comfort is also increased. Through the doors, the inside temperature of the offices can also be lost. This is because many times we leave them open longer than necessary, and often they do not fit quite right in their own frame. So that, there may be slots through which temperature is lost. To prevent such losses, it is advisable to install automatic doors, because they are prepared both to insulate and to avoid leaving them opened. Automatic doors also comply with the current rules of universal accessibility, thus facilitating people´s flow, whatever their physical condition.

The use of awnings, curtains or other systems that protect from solar radiation helps to reduce the temperature inside the office, and therefore, the electricity consumption.

Another of the measures in which we have to emphasize is the one concerning natural ventilation. By using natural draft, we can reduce the use of the electrical systems, while the comfort of workers increases because people feel more comfortable in environments with natural ventilation.

The average of temperature during summer, despite the controversy it generates, it is set to 26°C, and that is considering that workers wear less clothing, so it is not necessary to further lower the thermostat to achieve the optimum temperature. Furthermore, it must be pointed out that the variation of one degree in the temperature, can save or waste between 6 and 10% in electricity bills.

If we add to these measures the use of natural light, the use of energy saving lighting (LED for example), and we inculcate workers in the importance of not forgetting lights or open windows, for example, we would talk about efficient, comfortable and friendly environment offices.