What is an air curtain?

An air curtain is basically an invisible barrier created by ventilation equipment, usually installed over the business’ door. This equipment creates a downdraft, which prevents temperature losses outward. In addition, to avoid these temperature losses, the air curtains keeps out insects, dust or other particles into the business. For this reason, its use in shops was so extended.

Air curtains need to heat the air that serves as a barrier to separate the outside from the inside, so we can find three basic types, depending on the system used. These heating systems can work through electric heaters, hot water thanks to a boiler or by direct refrigerant expansion or heat pump.

Although air curtains are really handy and act as an insulating element, they have a handicap: in the three existing types we have to use electricity continuously. If we want to opt for systems with low energy expenditure, but with the same easily accessible features and insulation, as with air curtains, our best option is to use automatic doors.

Automatic doors have great success in our society because of its many features and benefits.

  • The main advantage of automatic doors is that they allow the people´s flow to and from inside of the building, without making any extra effort. These doors have sensors and people detectors integrated into their own system, thus meeting the universal accessibility standards currently established.
  • The automatic doors have very different designs, which makes that they can be opened in either direction, or may also be sliding if we do not have that much space. This also makes the aesthetics much more favourable than those buildings that have not sliding doors.
  • Easy to use and maintenance: automatic doors are manufactured according to the standards of quality and safety. Their daily use does not require much knowledge, as they are simple to use and maintain.
  • Energy saving: thanks to motion sensors, the doors only open if necessary, so they help to maintain the temperature inside the building, which makes the energy waste lower than with air curtains or conventional doors that tend to stay between or completely opened.

Thanks to the use of automatic doors, we can ensure both accessibility and total comfort of use, as well as considerable energy savings.