Accessibility should be a major concern for those who have a business. Is it easy for people to access to your facilities? Whether it is a store, a hotel, a restaurant, or any other form of customer-oriented business, simple improvements in relation to accessibility, such as use the of Manusa automatic doors, could change the way this company is seen by others.

Access for disabled customers

In the majority of countries, the use of elevators, automatic doors or ramps for wheelchairs are indispensable to ensure easy access to disabled people. But even if it was not mandatory, every business in the world should have them.

Their benefits are not focused only on people with disabilities. Parents with strollers also appreciate these measures. Actually, anyone can have difficulty to open doors or climb stairs when they are overwhelmed carrying bags after a shopping day.

Other benefits of automatic doors

In a restaurant, shop or office with a large volume of traffic, the use of automatic doors will help people move smoothly through the area. The presence of lines and crowds are uncomfortable for customers, and has a negative effect on their experience and opinions about the commercial establishment.

Another benefit of automatic doors is energy saving. In many cases, manual doors remain slightly open, which implies noise pollution, drafts and waste of energy required to keep the building at a set temperature. An efficient door system can save energy, and this, obviously, saves money.

The installation of an automatic door is a perfectly affordable investment, and in the long term energy saving can be impressive. Furthermore, the amount of sales can be increased. It may be a strange statement, but it is actually quite easy to understand. Have you ever driven past a shop and did not see clearly if it was open or not? Automatic doors act as an invitation to enter, clearing any doubts. A shop with closed doors and dim lights is less attractive.

Lifts, ramps and other updates

It is not always possible to install a complete system to improve accessibility in an old building. The historic buildings are a clear example. Too many changes could ruin their “character” or even maybe there is not enough space to carry them out. However, you should try to make as many possible improvements. Any small action can provide great benefits without major structural changes in the building.