Bank entities could potentially suffer robbery, which is why we should lay special emphasis on the protection of their assets as well as on their employees. Security and safety measures in banks should therefore be extremely high, since one of the main agencies to prevent possible robberies is the enhancement and quality assurance of their accesses.

The Ministry of Domestic Affairs of Spanish Government describes in detail a set of measures which have to be adopted by all bank entities and saving banks so as to strengthen security in them, measures which are listed in the article 112 of the Royal Decree no. 2364/1994, and in which the Private Security Regulation is passed. The measures included are as follows:

  • Having recording systems available in order to get images from the perpetrators of the crime that could eventually identify them.
  • Push buttons and/or any other device allowing simple activation of alarms.
  • Electronic devices allowing the detection of the attack to those places where cash is stored.
  • Safe-deposit boxes have to comply with the established resistance levels, besides having blocking devices and delayed automatic opening.
  • Personalised control mechanisms of access to the office enabling to lock doors if necessary, but which at the same time allows to unlock them in case of office evacuation.
  • Security measures have to be correctly indicated for that purpose through signs or any other type of format.

Given the importance of security in such entities, access to them has to comply with a set of standards aiming to minimise risks regarding robbery and loutish acts.

Doors in bank offices have to include bulletproof and anti-intrusion systems correctly certified, ensuring protection against vandalism, intrusion or suicide among others. Such doors have to allow and ease vision, and isolation of cash machines from the rest of the office or branch office, which increases in a notable way security and safety related to assets and employees themselves.

Besides all the above-mentioned, security glass barriers need to comply with the standards fixed by the European Commission, meeting in this way all thickness and behaviour standards facing different impacts or aggressions.

As a by-product of such necessity, we can find the so-called anti-aggression glasses, which have the capacity to endure deliberated attacks, robbery, personal aggression or vandalism. It should be clear at all times that there are no such glazed doors that prevent robbery per se, but they help delaying the action, which will allow to security forces, together with the alarm systems installed in branch offices, to practise the intervention before the robbery takes place.

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