It is a fact that The Earth is warming at an alarming rate, so it is essential to take measures to counteract, or at least, help the environment to take some air.

There are thousands of companies, especially SMEs, developing a daily activity that involves energy and resources expenditure, as well as a significant production of waste.

What is a sustainable company?

A sustainable company is one that performs its activity making efficient use of the available resources; in other words, a sustainable company measures the impact that will have its activity in the environment, society and in the economic field.

Not long ago, sustainability seemed to correspond only to big companies, but now SMEs have joined this trend, either by the social awareness or the reputation that gives to the brand. According to the latest studies, 11.5 million Spaniards support or would be willing to do it, to those brands or companies that are willing to help the environment.

What measures can take SMEs to be sustainable?

One of the main aspects is the relation with the energy consumption. All those companies wishing to reduce their electric bill must choose efficient lighting or LED lighting systems. This measure can save up to 25% of total expenditure, while reducing the impact on the environment. Another measure to achieve this energy saving is to replace the existing air-conditioning systems by a new one. By using air conditioning equipment with A category energy label, making a proper use of them, and with proper maintenance, we can save up to 60% on the electricity bills.

Furthermore, it is important to change doors and windows (if necessary), because through them the greatest losses of temperature are produced. In the case of windows, it is important to use double glazing systems and even with thermal bridge breakage, while in the case of the doors, the best option is to use automatic doors. Automatic doors will help us to create environments with more tightness thanks to its self-opening and self-closing, thus avoiding leaks and filtrations from outside and unnecessary oversights from people.

Use of renewable energies. Another effective alternative is to use the so-called clean energies (solar panels, bio-fuels, electric cars, etc.). By using them, pollutant emissions and their residues are much lower, thus meeting the sustainability criteria demanded.

It is also very important to make use of eco-friendly or recyclable materials to prevent the generation of waste that can harm the environment at the end of their life.

All these measures are really important and necessary, but as always, human action is crucial when we are trying to achieve sustainability, so that, SMEs must invest in proper training and awareness of their employees in order to create a more ecological environment.