Borders between countries are one of the points where security gains most importance due to the eventuality either of an attack, or human traffic, or illegal traffic in medicines or banned substances at the legislative level. They are at the same time places where millions of people and goods circulate on a daily basis, which is why speeding up circulation without decreasing security and service quality at once becomes essential.

Thanks to the improvement in new technologies, there is also a variety of systems and procedures to guarantee security at airport border controls.

Automatic border control systems

Mobility in airports has notably increased over the last few years, and resorting to new control and security systems has become essential in all aspects, added to the need of carrying out the formalities more quickly and accurately as well.

There are currently in Spain several airports with an innovative unattended border control system, and during the last 2017, more than one million and a half passengers made use of the ABC System (Automated Border Control) booths without a police officer to enter or leave Spain.

These booths are very useful if they are viewed as a security measure, particularly from the entry into force of the Schengen Area Agreement, which compels all European Union members to carry out checks on all passengers both at the country entry and exit, with a view to enhance and increase the levels of security.

Benefits of automatic control

Although it could seem beforehand that the Schengen Agreement increases time in passport controls, this average time in Spain is to a great extent below European average thanks to the implementation of the ABC system. Such important airports and ports as Madrid, Barcelona, Girona, Palma, Alicante, Málaga, South Tenerife, the Port of Algeciras, as well as the land border crossing between La Línea de la Concepción and Gibraltar, have this innovative system which is more and more widespread and demanded in border checkpoints.

Automatic control in border crossing points guarantees higher speed, security, modernity and comfort to passengers, since users can pass through the police control in about 40 seconds without the need of border agents to intervene.

This system offers great benefits to users as well as to border agents:

  • It minimizes and simplifies the work of border agents.
  • It accelerates and makes easier users’ passage through the border.
  • Current border automatic control systems are able to manage statements, take pictures, process passport information and fingerprints.
  • Thanks to biometry and passport readers, safety is guaranteed to all citizens, as well as they make authorities detect more easily a possible threat.
  • Access control systems are fully adapted to people with reduced mobility.
  • User experience in border controls is more likeable thanks to promptness and ease of passage these systems offer.

What is the meaning of ABC and how does it work?

ABC units are composed of entrance doors and a passenger validation system, although it can also be combined with an interlock system to increase security, as it happens with Barcelona’s El Prat. El Prat has installed an interlock system with a monitored double-corridor, when the passenger enters the interlock area, the access gate closes, being opened only when one is identified and has the entry permit that is required to enter the country.

The ABC automatic control system identifies passengers (they have to be over 18) through three easy steps:

  • Passport authentication, by comparing the obtained information to the National Police database.
  • Through double biometric verification:
  • Identity verification with the fingerprints.
  • Identity verification through facial recognition.

Manusa passage control systems enable to fulfill exhaustive and proper automatic control in ports and airports borders thanks to the three-step validation system.

Besides these systems, Manusa offers modern access control corridors equipped with 11 pairs of photoelectric cells to detect the presence of users and avoid in this way accidental traps of passengers and their luggage.

Another characteristic of these systems is that both the speed and opening power of the retractable glazed panels can be regulated, and that in case of evacuation or power supply error, these panels remain open in order to ease evacuation of the facilities and to make security be guaranteed for all users.

Manusa Automatic Doors