It is essential that public transport offer solutions with regard to accessibility, safety and security, for users as well as for transport operators. Transport operators have to ensure access to all people giving priority to their safety, but at the same time, they have to control fraud and other types of threats.

In order to meet these accessibility, safety and security standards, it is necessary to count on highly reliable automatic systems which enable people’s free movement and minimise failures which could put in danger the own functioning of the service.

Manusa, a leading company in automatic access solutions, has installed its products in a wide variety of spaces, supporting the removal of architectural barriers, thus guaranteeing safety to all users and minimising fraud risks.


References of Manusa solutions in public transport

Platform screen doors

Barcelona Metro line 11 is a good example of how Manusa solutions adapt to accesses in public transport. This underground line, located in the north of the city, works automatically, and the installation of platform screen doors becomes essential.

Platform screen doors guarantee the maximum level of safety for users, since tracks are physically separated from the platform, avoiding the likelihood of falls taking place, or non-authorised accesses, thus allowing users to access the train only when it has fully stopped.

Besides, platform screen doors enhance users’ comfort because they avoid the so-called “piston effect”, as well as the streams of air generated by trains when entering or leaving the station, reducing in turn dust and noise emissions.

Besides their increased safety, Manusa platform screen doors adapt to any architectural project, and enable to incorporate static or dynamic information systems, as well as lighting and sound systems. Thanks to their efficient systems, they also increase train frequency rate, enhancing significantly their punctuality and hence, user experience, but also the exploitation of the line.

Platform screen doors can be at half or full height. Both models can be fully adapted both to new stations and to those which will go through future refurbishments.

Ticket gates

Manusa has also among its portfolio ticket gates solutions or ticketing systems, designed to carry out passenger access control with maximum safety and speed, as well as antifraud regarding the transport operating company. These barriers can be installed in all types of public transport.

In the Palma Metro (Majorca, Spain), 21 Manusa ticket gates PRM (people with reduced mobility) type were installed, and they are characterised by having a passage width of 900 mm, wider than usual. All equipments have contactless ticketing systems and a QR code reader integrated.

Automatic doors for BRT systems

Among the automatic access solutions for public transport, it is also worth mentioning in the range of Manusa solutions automatic doors for BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) systems. This control system synchronises door opening and closing of the dock and the bus in an automatic, organised and safe way.

Manusa has accomplished the installation of dock closing doors in world-renowned projects, such as the BRT in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), in Islamabad (Pakistan) or in Mérida (Venezuela).

Toran one-way corridor

Another Manusa innovative solution is its Toran one-way corridor with balanced doors, designed to guarantee security in airports, maritime and railway terminals, or public transport infrastructures in general, since it detects the directionality of pedestrians, avoiding their movement in a different direction than that being signalled.

Manusa guarantees at the same time safety for users and security in the facilities, with products developed using cutting edge technology and widely contrasted in different facilities throughout the world. In the public transport sector, Manusa is the perfect partner with regard to the installation of access control solutions.