As it has been referred in previous posts, one-way corridors are security devices designed to increase security in airports, ports and train stations, as well as in any other transport infrastructure. These corridors enable passenger and goods traffic in a secure, fluid and unidirectional way from security-restricted areas, such as areas for the disembarkation of passengers or lower security areas, for instance baggage claim areas.

Manusa has a sophisticated and modern one-way corridor, known as Toran, consisting of two balance doors in interlock system which open automatically and in one single way and a pedestrian directionality motion system, which closes the doors in case a change of the established direction was detected.

Thanks to the exclusive balance door system patented by Manusa, which operates more easily and fast than conventional swing doors, and is less aggressive towards users as well, more security is achieved, without slowing down in turn the passenger traffic and without causing them any annoyance.

More than that, the solution of this corridor for people with reduced mobility is also available, since it consists of two sliding doors working in interlock system, with security alarm sensors which supervise the existing surface between both doors (entry and exit), and enables more natural and bespoke passage for people using wheelchairs or with any other impairment, as well as for bulky objects between the two airport areas (the security-restricted and the lower security areas).

Toran one-way corridors can also be installed in exterior façades, for instance in the Pier number 4 at the Mallorca Seaport, since they are resistant to the wind.

The activation of the system through asynchronous engines allows the reliability and proper functioning of one-way corridors. On the other hand, it should be pointed out that the Toran corridor can be connected to any control or external supervision system, whether it is local or remote, thanks to the varied communication and integration possibilities.

It should also be noted that Manusa one-way corridors, speaking in terms of energy, are efficient, which is to say that the same as the rest of Manusa products, these corridors are environmentally friendly.

Security and control accessories can also be installed in one-way corridors in order to facilitate a proper control at the points where it is required. Likewise, one-way corridors can be installed in other public buildings requiring higher security.

Versions of the Toran one-way corridor

Manusa has three versions of this corridor:

  • Corridor set up in individual Installation of one corridor if the flow of passengers is not too high.
  • Corridor set up in multiple mode in parallel. In transport infrastructures where the flow of passengers is important, such as big airports for instance, the configuration of different corridors in parallel enables to increase traffic without renouncing to security.
  • Corridors for people with reduced mobility: two sliding doors operating in interlock system offer wider and more comfortable free passage without sacrificing security.
Aeroportos sob controle: corredores antirretorno

Aeroportos sob controle: corredores antirretorno

Examples of Manusa one-way corridors in ports and airports

  • An example of the complex technology developed by Manusa can be found in the second airport with higher people flow in the United Kingdom, the Gatwick airport in London. Millions of people use its facilities every year, which is why relying on extra security becomes essential. The South terminal of the Gatwick airport has an interior one-way corridor which, besides, has a roof added at the exit of the corridor to create an additional area, which is supervised via sensors.


  • Manusa installed two one-way corridors in the terminal of the Ponta Delgada airport in the Azores (Portugal) and in the near future, the installation of a unit of four corridors is planned for the Funchal airport in the Madeira island, also in the Portuguese country.


  • A Manusa one-way corridor can be also found in the Terminal 1 at the Barcelona El Prat airport (Spain), in the security control unit for domestic flights. Besides, a supervised Toran consisting of two sliding doors in interlock system for people with reduced mobility is also installed in this same T1.


  • Mallorca (Spain) is one of the most visited destinations in our country, both by air and sea travel. It is due precisely to this huge volume of passengers that security measures must increase to a great degree in order to guarantee safety and the enjoyment of tourists, residents and people travelling for business. A Manusa corridor with its entrance located in the exterior can be found at the Marine Station number 4 of the Majorcan capital. This corridor helps to control the entry of passengers to the island by sea.


Besides the Toran one-way corridors, Manusa has other security systems specifically designed for means of transport, such as trains and buses. Guaranteeing safety for passengers in platforms and piers is an aspect of great importance which is highly stressed on a global level.

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