Manusa, thanks to its wide experience in the automatic door field, offers modern doors and solutions for the closing of station platforms; solutions and products that have been specifically designed to satisfy the highest demand of rail traffic in the cities, providing this way higher user safety and comfort.

Although platform screen doors are more usual in underground and railway systems, they can also be adapted to buses, funiculars, cable cars, and APM (Automated People Mover) systems, a light rail transit system and fully automated, composed of shuttles travelling in small lines, such as those present in airports or amusement parks.

The major benefit of platform screen doors is that they separate the tracks or the road (in regard to buses) from the platforms and parking spaces, thus preventing accidental falls, vandalism acts or the throw of objects at the tracks, which could cause any accident or delay of the services. In addition to this, in regard to underground stations, the so-called “piston effect” caused by the entrance of trains to the stations is avoided, and as a result, user experience becomes much more comfortable.

Examples of Manusa Platform Screen Doors PSD

  • Quito (Ecuador). The Metropolitan Public Mobility and Public Works Company (EPMMOP, according to its initials in Spanish) of the Ecuadorian capital installed in 2016 a set of 80 platform screen doors aiming to improve the transport system in the Quito urban area.
brt quito

brt quito

  • Islamabad (Pakistan). In 2015, the Asian operator Capital Development Authority carried out with Manusa this huge project of enhancement and optimisation of the integrated transport system between the cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi, including a total of 432 platform screen doors.
  • Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). In 2013, the operator TransCarioca carried out the enlargement of the integrated transport system in the city of Rio de Janeiro through the installation of 432 platform screen doors.
  • Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). Two years later, in 2015, the operator TransOlímpica counted again on Manusa to continue the enlargement of the integrated transport system, by installing 384 new platform screen doors.
  • Madrid (Spain). In Madrid, in the San Nicasio Station of the Metrosur line 12 in particular, a total of 12 platform screen doors were installed in 2009 ordered by Madrid Metro through the project “Madrid Metro homologation for external tender”.


  • Plaza Imperial shopping centre, Zaragoza (Spain). Due to the extension of this shopping centre, a monorail connecting different centre areas had to be installed. In 2008, the operator ISM installed 24 platforms screen doors (four platforms and two stations) in order to guarantee user safety in the shopping centre.
  • Uberlândia (Brazil). In 2008, the operator SETTRAN relied on Manusa for the installation of 128 platform screen doors as part of its project for the enhancement and optimisation of the integrated transport system.
  • Barcelona (Spain). The operator TMB relied on Manusa to install in 2008 40 platform screen doors divided into 5 platforms and 4 stations, in order to enhance safety in line 11 of the Can Cuiàs station, a line operated with the Driverless system (with no driver onboard). The Can Cuiàs station was the first in Spain in installing PSD doors that interacted with the train in an automatic way.

PSD metro barcelona

  • Mérida (Venezuela). During the years 2007 and 2008, Manusa, together with the operator Transmérida, carried out a project for the optimisation of the public transport system of this Venezuelan city, installing a total of 168 platform screen doors in stations.
  • Olesa de Montserrat and Esparraguera funicular, Barcelon (Spain). The Catalan Government railway system operator was the first one that installed platform screen doors in the use of a funicular railway in Spain. Manusa installed in 2005 a total of 4 platforms and two stations equipped with 4 platform screen doors.

PSD olesa

  • Provença station, Barcelona (Spain). In 2003, the Catalan Government railway company (FGC, according to its original initials) installed in the Provença station (line 6 of FGC in Barcelona) a total of 6 platform screen doors, thus becoming the first station with platform screen doors operating in Spain.
  • Vallvidrera funicular, Barcelona (Spain). This funicular line was the first one equipped with platform doors as regards the use of this same type in Spain, being operative since 1999. In 2015, these doors were renovated, as well as 5 platforms and 3 stations.

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