The growth of the number of residents and in consequence, of the edified surface in big cities, has increased the need for creating a complex network of transport systems able to absorb the growing demand of mobility.

With regard to buses, the exponential growth of road traffic in recent years and its subsequent congestions, has led the relevant authorities to search for solutions in order to enhance the exploitation of lines, by increasing frequencies, capacities and punctuality.

Current bus lines are more and more sophisticated and their functioning resembles more that of underground or train stations: payment outside the transport unit itself thanks to the installation of ticket gates, exclusive lane, level access, and multiple bus doors which are synchronized with those at the platform in order to ease and enhance access to users as well as their own safety; the complete system of bus lines, exclusive lanes and the infrastructure in stations with automatic platform screen doors constitute the system known as Bus Rapid Transit.

What is a BRT system?

Bus Rapid Transit, or BRT according to its initials in English, is a public mass transport system particularly designed for bus stations, with the purpose of enhancing passenger flow and their safety, although its installation offers other significant benefits related to sustainability.

Bus Rapid Transit systems were born in the United States in the seventies, were presented as the ultimate solution to mass transit. This technology allows buses to work in a similar way as tramways with regard to frequency, speed, comfort and safety, but with the flexibility and own capacity of these other vehicles, and with a much lower implementation cost.

Manusa BRT systems throughout the world

Manusa, with its more than 50 years of experience in international markets, offers state-of-the-art solutions for public transport infrastructures, amongst which BRT systems can be mentioned. The following projects, from all performed, are worth mentioning:

  • Islamabad (Pakistan) BRT. In 2015, the Asian operator Capital Development Authority carried out a project of enhancement and optimisation of the integrated transport system between the cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi, including a total of 432 platform screen doors.
brt Paquistán

brt Paquistán

  • Quito (Ecuador) BRT. The Metropolitan Public Mobility and Public Works Company (EPMMOP, according to its initials in Spanish) of the Ecuadorian capital installed in 2016 a set of 80 platform screen doors aiming to improve transport in the Quito urban area. 
brt quito

brt quito

  • Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). We can find in Rio de Janeiro two big projects with Manusa BRT systems:
  • In 2013, the operator TransCarioca carried out the enlargement of the integrated transport system in the city of Rio de Janeiro through the installation of 432 platform screen doors.
  • This same enlargement kept going during 2015 on the occasion of the celebration of the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics by the hand of the operator TransOlímpica. Through this enlargement, new stations were created and 384 new platform screen doors were installed, improving significantly transport systems in this city, and paving the way for an event with a great number of people from all over the world.
brt brasil

brt brasil

  • Uberlândia (Brazil) BRT. In 2008, the operator SETTRAN relied on Manusa for the installation of 128 platform screen doors as part of its project for the enhancement and optimisation of the integrated transport system in the city of Uberlândia, improving significantly safety and speed in the bus lines of this city in the state of Minas Gerais.
brt uberlandia

brt uberlandia

  • Mérida (Venezuela). During the years 2007 and 2008, Manusa, together with the operator Transmérida, carried out a project for the optimisation of the public transport system of this Venezuelan city, installing a total of 168 platform screen doors in stations.

brt venezuela

Benefits of BRT systems

Manusa BRT system can be integrated and fully adapted to the station architecture, and can incorporate as well other control elements such as ticket gates, lighting or HVAC systems. Besides, its installation is very simple and requires low-level maintenance.

This system has different management methods that is to say that either centralised management can be established from one single point, or be controlled station by station separately, or even each platform can be controlled in an individual way, in order to guarantee in every moment higher control and therefore higher user safety.

BRT systems can make the difference in cities in relation to public transport. The benefits of this system are obvious with regard to the environment as well as to the user, and with no doubt whatsoever, they will be an essential part of the cities now and in the future, mostly those in which the development of railway infrastructures is a more difficult task.

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