A bus rapid transit system, or BRT, is a system of massive public transport system based on buses, specifically designed with services and infrastructures in order to improve the flow of passengers. One of these infrastructures consists in the integration of automatic doors in the bus station docks so that they open and close in a synchronised, automatic and coordinate way when it is time to embark or leave the bus and in this way, prevent accidents at the dock.

This system is fully integrated into the architecture of the bus stations and it is notable for its easy installation and its low maintenance cost. Besides this aspect, ticket gates or other systems that contribute to improving security, safety and control in the docks can be installed in a BRT system.

How does a BRT system operate?

The functioning of the Manusa BRT system is very simple though effective: when the bus arrives at the dock and aligns with the doors of the system, the driver opens them by manual activation, or they open automatically through programming, making passengers’ embarkation and disembarkation easier in an organised and safe way.

Which are the elements that comprise the system?

The BRT system is composed of four basic elements:

  1. Vehicle positioning system. This system is aimed to coordinate door opening in the dock in a proper way, and it is compounded of two elements mainly:
  • Positioning sensors to detect whether the bus is placed properly and with its doors aligned with those of the dock.
  • Traffic light. It is intended for informing the driver if the bus is or is not properly aligned with the dock and its doors.

2. Automatic doors. Automatic doors being part of the bus station dock are composed of a Manusa Visio operator. The modular ensemble of this system is composed of automatic doors with fixed and sliding leaves, which enable them to adapt to new infrastructures as well as to others in use. In addition, these automatic doors have a variety of devices and sensors in order to guarantee user safety and prevent accidental traps.

The automatic doors of BRT systems are composed of the following elements:

  • Automatic door activation device, also known as operator.
  • Door glass leaves, which can be either fixed or sliding and are equipped with different types of aluminium frames in order to adapt to the demands and requirements of the station.
  • Emergency opening system. It is a push button that can be installed optionally and makes doors open in one or both sides of the dock in case of necessity.
  • Safety sensors. They are AR photocells or sensors mainly intended for avoiding the contact of travellers with the door leaves.
  • In case of breakdown, electric fault or other emergency, automatic doors can be opened using battery thanks to the panic break-out system.
  • People counter system. It is an optional system although very useful since it enables to count the passengers embarking on the bus or disembarking.

3. Communication system. Communication system is aimed to supervise the vehicle positioning, as well as managing the opening and closing commands of the doors that compose the dock. Through the use of a programmable controller or PLC (programmable logic controller, according to its initials), and through radio frequency, wireless communication between the dock and the bus is carried out, whether it is automatic or manual.

4. Scalable management system

As it happens with the dock doors, the opening and closing control system is a scalable modular system that can easily broaden if the needs of the network change or increase. The management system is mainly composed of three types of controllers:

  • Dock local controller. It is aimed to integrate all elements that are required to control one single dock.
  • Station local controller. It centralises the information of all the docks of a station in a single screen so that they all can be controlled from one point.
  • BRT line controller. It enables to control all the stations of the bus network in just one management point, which makes it possible to have reports and historical information about docks and BRT systems.

Manusa BRT system is scalable, enabling its own growth according to exploitation needs, versatile since it can meet all the control, safety and security demands that are required, and smart, being as how it can identify the vehicles approaching the dock and carry out the opening of doors properly.

Manusa Automatic Doors