It is becoming more and more needful to control and accelerate people or users flow in public buildings, a need that arises in turn from a variety of factors:

  • Helping and making access to people with reduced mobility easier.
  • Keeping the capacity properly controlled in order to avoid overcrowding and hard issues whenever the need of emergency evacuation occurred.
  • For security
  • To carry out client counting in businesses and establishments.
  • To keep HVAC systems properly stable within the buildings.
  • To accelerate people and workers flow.

Automatic doors and access control systems are more common every day and can be found in most buildings or public places, and the fact is that this type of doors are widely helpful when accelerating and controlling accesses thanks to their advanced technology.

Automatic doors are key elements in regard to barrier removal, since they allow any person to access easily and without having to put in an extra effort when accessing any building or public transport, thus guaranteeing equity for all citizens. In addition, automatic doors promote and enhance people and workers flow making it more fluid, improving client and user experience and avoiding queues, overcrowdings and possible accidents at once.

On the other hand, such doors are useful both to control and mark out the different areas in establishments, buildings and stadiums thanks to their modern and sophisticated counting systems which, in turn, can be very helpful in stores. Manusa, for instance, has a powerful stereo vision sensor which provides accurate information in real time, by pinpointing user behavioural patterns and providing highly relevant information to stores and businesses.

As it has been mentioned in the previous section, thanks to the control exercised by automatic doors in regards to capacity, security is highly improved in buildings as well as in public transport. When we become aware of the true capacity of facilities, the scope of action and evacuation in case of emergency is higher and more efficient, enabling to face all types of issues in a more regulated way. Besides, Manusa’s automatic doors equipped with a built-in anti-panic mechanism, which enables to fold leaves by simply pushing them manually in order to get the maximum width of exit spaces in case of emergency, help so that the evacuation is carried out more quickly and safely in case of emergency.

Automatic doors, besides making access to certain facilities or transports easier, will also be very helpful when insulating them thermally, and in order to maintain adequate ventilation, which will entail in turn important energy conservation. Besides, due to such savings, greenhouse gas emissions will decrease, strengthening environmental protection equally.

It is indispensable to maintain control over people accessing public places and means of transport, which is why making use of automatic doors and access control systems in order to succeed in such purpose becomes an essential objective to achieve the security and comfort levels that are required.