Manusa has a wide range of access control systems aimed to sports facilities, as well as a set of devices to complement security or people counting.

Sport centres are progressively more in-demand, which is why it becomes essential to increase security and have higher control of clients accessing on a daily basis. But besides such control, it is also indispensable that accesses are practical and easy-to-use, without making security barriers be an obstacle to any client, regardless of their physical condition.

Access control systems for sport centres

Many are the systems or devices that can be installed in sport centres such as multi-sport pavilions or gyms; Manusa, as an expert on automatic accesses, offers a wide range of these systems, as well as a great series of devices aimed to complement security or people counting.

With regard to sport centres, for instance, there are different fees, from the ones that allow the user to make use of the whole facilities, to more reduced fees that restrict such access. Thanks to access control, the use of the facilities can be controlled, preventing those users having a more basic fee from using the areas they have not hired.

Express Gate: access control corridor with concealable panels

This sophisticated system is composed of a piece of furniture sustaining the sliding glass panels, the access control readers and the safety photocells, besides an exclusive system by Manusa, designed to guarantee safety during the panels opening and closing.

Express Gates are the perfect complement to gyms or health spas since they enable the sectorisation of the facilities, by separating the office spaces from the rest of the facilities, or simply by impeding the passage of non-authorised personnel to specifically restricted areas.

Manusa access control corridors with concealable panels enable the integration of any validation system, thus getting rid of the need for personal control.

Validation systems are another integral part of access control points. Sports facilities usually provide the client with a RFID tag (radio-frequency identification), but recently more modern systems such as biometry or facial recognition have been incorporated. These alternative systems prevent the tag from passing from one person to another, or that in case of loss, it cannot be used by someone external to the centre and in consequence, security is highly increased in the facilities while at the same time, since clients do not depend on cards or tags, their access becomes simpler.

Slim Gate: access control corridor with swing panels

Manusa Slim Gate is the latest innovation in access control systems. These corridors (formed by swing panels with an anti-trapping system) enable to supervise user access to gyms or sport centres with the highest possible security and comfort. The equipments composing these systems are much thinner than the previous ones, however, the security demanded and required by the centre do not lessen at any time.

Any type of validation or identification system (biometry, facial recognition, RFID devices, etc.) can be integrated into Slim Gates. Besides, they have been designed considering the required width of passage for people with reduced mobility, thus guaranteeing user safety as well as universal accessibility.

Trio: tripod turnstiles

Turnstiles are one of the most classic systems regarding access control and restriction of access to private areas, and that does not mean they are less secure or efficient. Manusa turnstiles are a great solution to gyms, health spas or sport centres, as is the case with Express and Slim Gate, into which any validation system can be integrated aiming to guarantee control, security and safety.

Besides, Manusa offers two different models of tripod turnstiles:

  • Trio Compact: tripod barrier in a single column.
  • Trio Gate: tripod barrier in double column.

Swing Gate

Swing gates can also be installed in sport centres, furthermore, they can be combined with other devices such as turnstiles or motorised corridors with a view to adapt the access to the facilities to the requirements of the centre and that of their clients, providing a high level of comfort and safety to the user.

Validation systems can also be integrated into Swing Gates and their transparency and elegance provide a touch of design and sophistication to the establishments where they are installed.

Spin Gate: turnstiles

They are systems designed for outdoor spaces, which is why they seem to be perfect for sport centres such as stadiums or multi-sport pavilions. This system increases security in the facilities to a great degree without reducing user comfort. Any existing validation system can also be incorporated into turnstiles, and they can adapt to other access systems as well.