Accesses to businesses, especially to supermarkets and superstores, are of special importance due to the high volume of people flow they have to manage daily, therefore the relevance gained by automatic doors or automatic accesses in this type of establishments.

On the one hand, the function of automatic accesses has to be emphasised in respect of their main entrance. As it has been mentioned above, since an elevated volume of entries and exits is registered, complying with a set of strict control and security rules becomes necessary, with the purpose of avoiding accidents that could jeopardise the integrity of both workers and clients.

Benefits of automatic doors for clients

Supermarkets, as well as superstores, need to be complemented by automatic doors which facilitate users’ free movement. In conjunction with this, shopping trolleys that are used when making purchases have to be kept in mind, so the width of passage has to be wider than for other commercial centres and also, the door has to be able to bear blows without presenting damages. Door opening and closing speed also has to be taken into account so as to avoid accidents and temperature losses.

Automatic doors in businesses are a big help to clients, particularly those at old age or to people with reduced mobility, since they do not need to carry out any extra effort to access or leave the facility with their purchases.

Automatic doors entrance systems, besides facilitating people flow, have to guarantee in every moment user safety, and it is convenient accordingly to install automatic doors with panic break-out system, allowing the doors to be folded up manually, if it becomes necessary, by simply pushing the leaves, thus ensuring a width of passage spacious enough to allow the evacuation of a superstore in a brief period of time and under as much control as possible.

Another significant element in these large stores are swing gates. Swing gates help to diversify spaces, to control entries and exits at access points and to maximise people flow, thus enhancing security in the facilities. Swing Gates can also be combined with other devices such as turnstiles, adapting to the needs of people with reduced mobility, as well as to the movement of small goods. Thanks to the use of swing gates and turnstiles in large stores, both entry and exit places get situated, gaining this way greater control and therefore, offering higher safety to clients.

Advantages of automatic accesses for establishments

Automatic accesses not only help clients, but also gain special relevance for the business itself, considering that other types of automatic accesses separating and marking out areas within large stores become necessary, as well as impeding non authorised personnel from accessing warehouses or offices, among others. In order to achieve such objectives, regarding the marking out of warehouse areas, the most efficient solution is to install high-speed doors, since the mechanisms of this type of doors make their resistance and speed much higher, qualifying them for supporting a great number of opening and closing cycles.

Besides making impossible the passage of non authorised personnel to certain areas of the establishment, these doors enable to maintain the optimal temperature conditions that are required to guarantee the quality of the products stored.

On the other hand, automatic access doors for large stores enable to keep temperature stable within the facility, thanks to both its high level of tightness and opening and closing high-speed mechanism, which avoids temperature transfer between the interior and the exterior. With such conditions maintained, HVAC systems do not need to carry out extra readjustment effort, which will turn into lower electric energy consumption, whence lower financial cost. This way, we also collaborate actively on the fight against global warming, thanks to the high reduction of CO2 emissions.

Automatic accesses enhance people’s daily life and make it easier, not only regarding users themselves, but also employees, and this is achieved thanks to their sophisticated people motion detection mechanisms, or those of high-speed opening and closing, among others. We also have to keep in mind the elevated safety and security level they offer, so with no doubt whatsoever, these access systems present themselves as a viable alternative to manual accesses, much more ineffective regarding access for all and at the risk of remaining open, causing higher energy cost, which would turn into higher electric consumption for facility owners.